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Overcoming Pornography

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Pornography is sexually explicit material that dehumanizes, objectifies, and degrades men and women for the purpose of sexual arousal.

Pornography promotes “sex without consequences” and serves to aid in self gratification. It promotes the notion that women are viewed as objects and sex is unrelated to love, commitment, or marriage. It also creates unrealistic expectations of sex. Satan has taken the beauty of sex in marriage and distorted it. God created sex for a man and women to enjoy as part of an intimate relationship. Pornography is a one-way mentality which flows over into your relationships, causing selfishness to dominate over intimacy. Individual’s pride encourages people to depend on themselves to meet their need. Human impatience demands the need be met now, instead of trusting God to take care of their needs.
When we long for intimacy and attempt to fill our void with fantasy relationships and sexual lust, we end up more lonely, depressed, filled with guilt, and shame. Pornography gives a false sense of security, leaving one to believe that this is one area of life you can control.
Every step of sexual sin takes you deeper and deeper, which in turn takes you farther and farther away from God’s presence and love.

Honesty and repentance are a crucial component
in the healing of sexual sin

When overcoming pornography or sexual addiction, we must remember you can do all things through Christ, in your weakness He is made strong. We make the choice and the Holy Spirit will do the work in us if we allow Him the opportunity to cleanse our soul.

Avoiding temptation and taking the steps to identify the emotional triggers will keep you on a path of healing. Understand that many addictions stem from deep emotional wounds and need to be treated from the core root.

Recognizing the behavior as sin, repentance, and allowance of the Holy Spirit are crucial if you really want to overcome.

Find an accountability partner, someone you can confide in on your journey to healing, and know God is there to cover you with His grace and mercy.

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