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Hurting Want Help

............You are Body, Soul, and Spirit .. Nurture all three parts with truth
Freedom in Christ


Is not saying what has happened to you is acceptable, it is releasing the pain at the foot of the Cross.

Un-forgiveness is a cancer to your soul and will cause you to suffer throughout eternity.

Freedom is not the right to do whatever you want to do.

Freedom is the Power to do what is right!

Satan and his forces try and fill our minds with wrong thoughts all the time and our responsibility is to cast down those wrong thoughts, get them under control, and replace them with God’s thoughts.

Thoughts minister Life or Death.
Romans 8:6

Thoughts dictate your attitude. Attitude is simply your inward thoughts turned outward. It reflects how you treat others and what you sow is what you will reap.

Romans 12:9-21
Thoughts also mandate your emotional well being.

Freedom is when Christ abides in you and you abide in him.

One must seek to become like minded with the Spirit of God, a Spirit of love and wisdom.

To purpose to be transformed by bathing your soul in the Word and by choosing to do things that go against the natural tendencies of man.

To be Free is to love God, yourself, and others unconditionally.

How to Liberate your Soul

  • Become Honest your with Self and God
  • Understanding true restoration only comes from God
  • Make decision to surrender Will and Life to the Obedience of Christ
  • Inventory of Self
  • Confess your Sin
  • Be completely ready for God to remove sin from your Mind, Will, & Emotions
  • Humbly allow Holy spirit to separate the wrong from your being
  • Forgive all who have hurt you
  • Ask forgiveness of those you have wronged or hurt
  • Develop mindset to be quick to admit faults and seek forgiveness while being quick to forgive others
  • Pray and renew mind with God’s Word
  • Make Disciples of others

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